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Исторический форум: история России, всемирная история


Древнеиндская цивилизация От ddd

Changes To The maxilla In H. 710 that Are consistent with The diagnosis Of tuberculosis And destruction Of The maxillary alveoli
Evidence For maxillary infection In individual G.I.S.15
Individual G.289 also demonstrated postcranial changes, some Of which Are consistent with A diagnosis Of leprosy
Individual G.289 Was relatively complete For individuals In The Area G assemblage
Infection In A metacarpal fragment from individual G.II.32 probably related To A local traumatic injury
Lesions On The cranial vault Of A male skull, I.S.11
Map Of The Third Millennium Interaction Sphere, The Geographic Extent Of The Indus Civilization, And The location Of The city Of Harappa
Porosity And alveolar resorption At The maxillary canine Of individual H.700a (view Of The right maxilla)
Two individuals from Cemetery H demonstrated cranial And postcranial lesions consistent with A diagnosis Of tuberculosis
Severe rhinomaxillary infection Is consistent with A diagnosis Of leprosy